Photoshop Images Uploaded

Well, over a year after getting the site up and running, I finally got some of my drawings uploaded.  For now, I uploaded the works I like best (the ones I scanned and colored in Photoshop).  Over time I will get some of my other stuff up (such as sketches and some of the more traditional work I did while at school).  You can find the new page under ‘Drawings’ in the header, or follow this link: Photoshop Colored Images

Also, earlier I made a post to test the plugin I had added for submitting my posts to Facebook.  It worked great.  This post is not being submitted, however.  The idea is that sometime soon, I want to create a FB page where I have the same stuff uploaded there as I do here.  The reason for that is because I’ve disabled registering and commenting for this site.  I want to keep it clean, so the idea of the FB page is for anyone that wants to make a comment on something of mine, they can do it there.  That would make it more a discussion board, and I can keep my site clutter free (as I’m really using it as a portfolio site).

Anyway, enjoy the new uploads!!

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