Photos Uploaded

Well, I finally got to it — I’ve uploaded some stuff!!  For right now, they are just some older photographs.  I’ve just been unable to go out and take pictures this summer.  I’ll probably try to get some new stuff before the end of summer.

You’ll find the pictures in the new link, titled “Photographs”, right under the main banner (which has also been updated), or you can just follow either of these links – Main Photo Gallery or Misc Photos.

I’ve made a few changes to the site, nothing too noticeable.  I’ll try and upload some of my drawings next time, but that is going to take me awhile as I’m probably going to go back through and add the new 3-0 Studios watermark (on the ones that I can, anyway).  So, the next update will be kind of slow, but I’ll try and keep this site active (MP is a different story, though).

Thanks for stopping by!!

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