Welcome to my photography gallery!!  In this section of 3-0 Studios, you’ll find a selection of photos that I have taken over the years.  I do not have a whole lot here yet, as I am going through and sorting some of my older pictures, and I have not really had a chance to go out and get some nice new shots.  However, feel free to look over what I do have so far!!

One thing to note: I am not a professional.  Far from it, actually, and probably never will be a professional photographer.  I’ve only recently started to pay attention to how I take pictures.  Even with that in mind, I still like to have fun with photography, I really do not want to become too serious (as I did with my drawings, and that pushed me away from that area).  I also do not do much post-processing, as I just do not have the time any more (I barely have any to take pictures).  So, what you will see are my photos the way I want them too be, not me trying to replicate someone else.  I believe this will allow me to stay creative.

Below are the links to the galleries.  You can also find the gallery links under the main link of the header.  Enjoy!!

Mid-Ohio Con 2011
Miscellaneous Photos
Odd Things Gallery

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