Copyright & Site Policy

Because this site is open to the public (currently for viewing only), I decided to add some information that applies to copyright information and how the site should be used.


All photographs/drawings/artwork found within this website are copyrighted to Greg Blair, 3-0 Studios, and/or any parent or subsidiary companies (under Mightor Industries only), unless otherwise specified.  No artwork contained within this website may be used, distributed, or altered in any way unless explicit written consent was given by the creator/owner, Greg Blair.  However, all artwork on the site may be freely viewed without need for permission.

Site Policy:

As it stands at this point in time, registration and commenting are disabled on this website, so there are currently no rules related to registration or commenting.  When and if registration and commenting will be allowed on this site is currently unknown.  It is understood that this website is designed and built on a website that allows for commentating (a blog), but currently this site functions only as a visual portfolio.  A possible Facebook fan page is in the works that will allow commenting, but the actual creation date of that page is also currently unknown.  So until then, please enjoy what 3-0 Studios does offer at the moment.

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