Photoshop Colored

In the following gallery is a set of drawings that were edited and colored in Photoshop.  Most of these are traditional pencil drawings that were scanned into the computer, and then I would clean up the line work and give the drawings some color.  Over time, I started inking my drawings before scanning, which would provide for better lines and less clean-up.  And, near the end of my drawing days, I started tracing over the pencil drawings with ink, and after scanning, I would run them through a Live Trace in Illustrator, which would give me super crisp, clean lines, with no clean-up (such as dark areas of the paper, stray pencil/ink lines, and ghosting left behind by erasing areas of drawings).

I selected the images I think best fit on this part of the gallery.  I have other Photoshop colored images, but most of them are simple sketches, and they will be found in another gallery once I add it [will add the link here].  These drawings span many years, but stop with the newest being 2009.  As I mentioned in my About page, I stopped drawing several years ago.  What that means is more than likely there will never be any new drawings added to this page (unless something happens and I get the urge to draw again, but I doubt it).  Also, even though most of these images are the same as what can be found on my DevaintArt page (but slightly higher resolutions), a few of them have been either altered, updated, given new backgrounds, or a combination.

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